“From A Steampunk Independency!”
Steampunkery Anthology – Volume One

The Steampunkery Anthology intended for publication on 31st December 2022 will be a free to download PDF featuring a selection of Steampunk themed short stories and poetry. Each writer’s photograph, biography, oeuvre and link tree will be printed alongside their work – In addition, each participant will have the option to have a free full page advert or article included in the Anthology!

Submissions are now open for writers and poets from across the international Steampunk community. To aid preparation for participating – The following Submission and Formatting guide has been produced.

Participation is on a voluntary basis. No rights whatsoever are claimed by Steampunkery on any material featured, which must be entirely the participant’s own original work. Participants must also have full publishing rights to any submitted work which has already been published or featured elsewhere.

Free advertising will be available for the publishers of writers featured in the Anthology.

While a more explicit adult themed volume may be produced at a later time – Participants are currently asked to refrain from submitting material that includes particularly gratuitous sexual and/or violent content.

The Anthology will be made freely available as a downloadable PDF Document – Both from this website and from the writers participating in the publication, who are cheerfully encouraged to also share directly via their own online resources.

Note: The Anthology is intended to be freely available and no repackaging or selling of the publication in whole or part is permitted.

If you are interested in participating in the first edition of what is intended to become a series of regularly produced volumes – Get in touch directly via the contact form below.

Submission & Formatting
Closing date for Submissions: 20th December 2022

Work submitted as A4 Word/Text File via email attachment

All materials must be in the English language

Include your “Pen” name – Country – Title

Length of Work – Up to 7000 words (approx)

Font: 12-Point Times New Roman

Text left aligned not justified

Single spaced text

Double spacing between paragraphs

New paragraphs indented by 0.5 inches

Single space after period

No page breaks

Include END after last line

First Step – Email Your Application Request

Please Note – Application does not guarantee participation.