“I’m thrilled and delighted to have been able to help Frenchy and The Punk return to Edinburgh having been lucky enough to catch them perform the first time they visited Auld Reekie. This is going to be an amazing night – Marking the return of live Steampunk performance to the Capital following the Pandemic!” – Wullie Steele

Frenchy and The Punk at The Wee Red Bar
With “The Steaming Foggs”
From 7pm on 6th December 2022 – Tickets £8.00

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Frenchy and the Punk is French-born singer and percussionist Samantha Stephenson and American Hardcore Punk veteran guitarist Scott Helland. Flavored with an alternative post-punk vibe and intertwined with dark pop and modern cabaret elements, their latest album, ZenGhost, was released Oct 2022.  

Reminding one generation of Grace Slick and another of Siouxsie Sioux, Stephenson sings in both English and French with a powerful yet graceful Gothy heft. Guitarist Scott Helland, a former punk rock bass player from the legendary Massachusetts hardcore bands Deep Wound (with J Mascis and Lou Barlow of Dinosaur jr) and Outpatients, propels this dynamic duo’s sound with looped rhythms and melodic Rock, Surf and Spanish style acoustic guitar licks.

The Hudson Valley, NY, based duo has become an in-demand performer on the post-cabaret, mythic and steampunk scenes. Their engaging, unjaded live shows and unbounding onstage chemistry converts strangers to fans regardless of the setting. Listed as one of the top duos in the US by Yahoo Music Blog, this prolific and fiercely independent duo has written and released records on their own label since 2005, directed and edited their own music videos and toured the US, Canada, Europe and performed in West Africa. Stephenson and Helland also release music under their side-project Drawing Hands and Scott’s spy noir solo guitar act Guitarmy of One.

Online: www.frenchyandthepunk.com
Facebook: facebook.com/frenchyandthepunk
Instagram: instagram.com/frenchyandthepunk
YouTube: youtube.com/user/frenchyandthepunk

Guest Support – The Steaming Foggs

The Steaming Foggs
‘World Music, Classics, old Americana, and Beyond, with a Steam Aesthetic’
“An outstanding addition from Auld Aether Reekie into the international Steampunk music community who are pleasing the ears of Steampunks both at hame and far afield!” – Wullie Steele of steampunkery.org

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Facebook: www.facebook.com/TheSteamingFoggs
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