“Thank you for your interest in participating in the Behind The Goggles special shows this December for Steampunk Authors. I have included some further information below for your consideration – You can also confirm your participation and arrange recording times by email via the Contact Form – Atticus Oldman

The Shows!

Behind The Goggles – 25 minutes maximum duration for Zoom interviews and group debates. This is to fit with the show’s regular Subgenres Roku TV channel scheduling.

The Voices – Audio Podcast of up to 40 minutes duration for interview and group debate. Up to 4 guests each episode.


Behind The Goggles: I am currently using Zoom for video interviews and discussions as it seems the easiest option for most participants.

The Voices: The service I use to record audio broadcasts allows up-to 5 guests/co-hosts. You will need to download the free Backpack Live app (IOS/Android – Collects No Info) and with the pass-code provided you can then use your mobile phone to participate with headphones.

Recording Times: I am on holiday from 27th November until 6th December and can be available to host interviews at times to best suit you throughout this period if you are available.

With the different time zones involved I am thinking recording times throughout the end of November and early December should take this into account and international participants own time zones should be catered for wherever possible. Debates might be divided on an East-West basis to aid this.