With our nation’s role in the birth of steam power and our history of producing some of the world’s finest authors, architects and engineers – Scotland is ideally suited to become a “Steampunk Heartland!”

All across Europe and America and from Iceland to New Zealand – Hotels, country houses, villages, seaside resorts and even local authorities have forged relationships with Steampunk events and festivals to great mutual benefit.

To date, Scotland has largely remained undiscovered territory with only a few relatively small events and concerts taking place. Recently however within the Steampunk community eyes and minds have been turning to the north with great interest and enthusiasm

The first hospitality resource here in Scotland to do the same as so many others around the world will tap into a huge and still growing international market… And Atticus Oldman’s Steampunkery Festivals & Events is here to help and advise.

Having worked with some of the largest Steampunk Festivals in the UK and having already brought some of the biggest names in the Steampunk music & live performance community to Scotland, including Professor Elemental, Victor Sierra, Feline & Strange and The Wattingers – Atticus Oldman is ideally placed to help establisha Steampunk “hame” in the birthplace of Steam power.

From accessing bands and performers, hosting themed activities and setting up specialised trader and maker markets – Atticus Oldman and Steampunkery Festivals & Events can answer your questions, assist in the development of your project or even manage and host your festival or event.

Initial consultation is free – For further information or to discuss your needs and requirements contact Atticus Oldman via the contact page available on the menu bar.