1st web panel logoLive Web Panel Recording – Hosted on 26th April

The recent Web Panel on live events post Pandemica will be available exclusively via Edition the 2nd of Steampunk 2021 – The interactive “Zinecast” from Atticus Oldman and the Steampunk Almanac!

For those who attended the live recording of the Panel as audience members – I thank you all again for joining in the show and I’m delighted to say, as advertised, the quality of the final audio production is vastly superior to the live streamed version.

This first Web Panel with guests LM Cooke – Duke Box – Martin Wattinger & Xerxes Praetorius Horde is just one of the audio and video broadcasts linked exclusively from the Steampunk 2021 Webzine (thereby creating Steampunk’s first Zinecast).

Atticus Oldman of Steampunk 2021 was delighted to welcome a selection of invited guests from across the international Steampunk community to discuss and debate the future of live concerts, events and festivals following the pandemic.

– 1st Steampunk 2021 Web Panel –
Atticus Oldman
In Conversation With…
LM Cooke
Duke Box
Martin Wattinger
Xerxes Praetorius Horde

Recording of the live web panel was conducted via a special broadcast studio on Riverside FM – This allowed viewers to use their own Chrome browsers to view the recording as audience members via the link provided.

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Note: To call in during the live show and leave a question for the Web Panel you can use the feature provided on the Riverside FM Studio – Once your question has been noted you will be automatically returned to the audience page.