“I’m delighted and excited to be participating in this amazing new resource and hope my fellow Steampunks from around the world will join in as well – Get Your Kraken On!” – Atticus Oldman

Important Information about Subgenres Streaming Television Broadcast Channel:
This is a lot of information, I realize, but please read it through, we are posting it so that everyone will understand what we are building here and for them to know that we are really seriously excited about our new venture. Our definition of Steampunk includes all the Punks, Pirates, and related Subgenres.

PLEASE READ:- The Launch of the channel was on October 1, 2021. We hope will develop into a streaming service exactly like Netflix or Prime. But Steampunk and other related Subgenres focused.

And, that it will become a platform for the Steampunk Everyman to broadcast their content. Large media platforms often do not give a small show producer, filmmaker, media content creator a chance, we will. We will give deserving Creatives a chance at an audience of over 50 million. A chance to succeed and build a following.

We will have regularly scheduled programming like a traditional television station, but also an On Demand area that will eventually have a whole treasure trove of media to enjoy.

The On Demand area will have all the prior content that was broadcast in our scheduled programming so that our viewers can watch what they missed, also the On Demand area will have sections for bands and their music videos, concerts, historical reference, documentaries, festivals/cons/events, vendors, etc.

If someone does not have a Roku account or television that is not a problem, we will also be streaming to our website, subgenres.net. There may even be a Subgenres app that will be available in the future that our viewers can acquire for their phones.

We are offering a novel concept. It is important that we shine a light on the vendors and artisans of the Steampunk Universe worldwide. So for a moderate monthly subscription fee we are offering vendors a chance to have themselves showcased in a Vendor Profile that will be placed in our On Demand area under Vendor Profiles.

This will allow people to go and discover vendors from all over the world, find out how to contact them and purchase their products, and also find out which events they will be attending. The subscription is month to month and can be cancelled at any time. Please contact us for pricing and further information. Our email is KrakenRUs2020@gmail.com, please put in the subject heading, Vendor Profile.

Subgenres earns its ability to stay on the air by generating proceeds through commercials, sponsorship, and Vendor/Festival/Con/Events Profiles. At the moment we do not operate through membership/viewer subscription fees. The channel is free to all viewers.

Roku will also seed our channel with advertising if we build a large enough audience. We need your support to prosper and keep serving the Steampunks of the world. This is our channel, we want it to be for all Steampunks. Steampunk entertainment and content made by Steampunks for Steampunks.

We are looking for sponsors and anyone interested in airtime for commercials. Subgenres will accept donations from viewers and groups. Our broadcasting company has several tiers of ad campaigns at reasonable prices. If the customer does not have their own commercial we can make one for them. We ask that anyone interested in advertising on our channel please contact us for pricing and further information.

Our email is KrakenRUs2020@gmaill.com, please put in the subject heading, Advertising. If you wish to be a sponsor or donate to our channel please put in the subject heading, Sponsorship or Donation.

Subgenres is looking for Creatives that wish to contribute content. This network is for the greater Steampunk Universe and we want to include everyone worldwide in our programming. This channel is not just for our content, we want to show off the whole world, not just our little corner. If a YouTube creator wishes to be included on our platform we will be happy to view their submission and possibly include it in our channel’s programming.

The content must follow this criteria:
Must be a MP4 file at H.265
No modern politics
No pornography
Must adhere to Broadcast Copyright laws

Our email is KrakenRUs2020@gmail.com, please put in the subject heading, Channel Content Submission.

There are bonuses to adding us to your list of platforms if you are a YouTube Creative. One is that you will not be fighting the massive numbers of other shows and media that exist there. We will first air all new content in our regular scheduled programming so that people can see your show/media, get to know who you are, and then follow you in the future.

Once your content has run its course in our scheduled programming it will be placed in the On Demand area so that if people have missed it, or wish to follow you, it is always available. Regularly scheduled programming helps because random viewers will turn the channel on and perhaps stumble upon your content and watch it, unlike with YouTube where they have to choose to select your thumbnail.

That is, if your thumbnail becomes visible in their feed. We also hope to create showcases about our content creators so that we can run them during scheduled programming to introduce more viewers to who each creative is.

At this moment we can only offer our content contributors our vast viewing audience and our welcoming platform as reimbursement for their collaboration with us.

However, in the future if the channel builds into a successful broadcasting network we hope to compensate our contributors with a monetization program like, but more fair than, YouTube. If your content enjoys a certain level of viewership for a consistent period of time. We also may pay for certain content outright in the future.

It is our goal to be able to produce excellent Steampunk and other related television programming on par with Prime and Netfilx, this obviously will take time. We are hoping that our audience will grow with us and have patience to see this become our channel, that we build together.

Subgenres is also interested in helping small production houses and filmmakers create their projects, we hope that in the future we will be able to help fund pilots and projects.

We will be producing a weekly news report. It is called The Monocle and it will air every Monday evening CST. Subgenres will accept news tips, stories, event information, and anything relevant to our audiences we feel is important for them to know.

At this moment we do not have any contributors sending in news shows, so we are filling the gap. However, if there are any creatives or news sources who wish to contribute a news magazine/report show, we will gladly include it in our programming. Please send all news information to KrakenRUs2020@gmail.com, please use the subject heading News.

We will also be acquiring news correspondents from around the world to report from cons, festivals, events, and relevant newsworthy events to our channel, for The Monocle. If you have some broadcasting experience and know how, you are interested in being a correspondent for Subgenres, please email us. Send your contact information to KrakenRUs2020@gmail.com, please use the subject heading, correspondent.

It is our goal to create a Saturday morning programming time for children’s programming. If you are a Steampunk children’s entertainer please send us your information. We will be happy to view your show for possible use on our network. Please send all submissions to KrakenRUs2020@gmail.com, use the subject heading Children’s Content.

This channel is for Steampunks all across the globe. Our possible audience reach will be streaming into over 50 million living rooms all over the world. If this channel should be successful we hope to add Apple TV and Amazon Fire to our list of Platforms. We are celebrating the wonder and Joie de Vivre of the Steampunk Universe and we hope that Steampunks will embrace us.

All information can be found on our Facebook Page:

You can visit our Steampunk Community:
The Society for the Ethical Treatment of Kraken

We will be reworking our website to reflect our new broadcasting venture. There our audience will find the schedule of programming, all contact information, and all about our broadcasting network.” – subgenres. net